Our Story

Founded in the summer of 2021, Gillies Farm Boxes began when Harry & Lillie, both graduates of Harper Adams University with a huge passion for agriculture, embarked on promoting the fantastic produce that Norfolk has to offer! 

We strongly believe in supporting our local community, and so we work with local butchers and small-scale farms to source all the produce we deliver to you. All our meat is traceable back to the farm, so we can guarantee both animal welfare and meat quality is of the highest standards.  

We deliver our boxes to local campsites & holiday cottages for Norfolk tourists to enjoy, and we can also deliver it to your door too, wherever you are in the UK! 


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Tavern Tasty Meats

We are fortunate enough to have our meat supplied by a fantastic local butcher Tavern Tasty Meats. The majority of Tavern Tasty's meat comes from their own family farm, whilst they also support and supply two other small-scale farms just 2 miles down the road. 

Based in Smallburgh, Claire & Andrew have over 25 years of experience in farming, and have their own breeding flock of Southdown sheep, as well as rare-breed traditional pigs. 

Beef is supplied through a traditional local Aberdeen Angus farmer who has been farming in the village for over 5 generations, whilst a small-scale pig farmer in West Beckham helps to keep up the demand for their fantastic quality pork.

All their animals are grass fed and outdoor reared using traditional methods. They do not feed any artificial growth promotors to our animals, so all meat produced is succulent and flavoursome.


Southdown Sheep

Originating from the Sussex Hills of England, the Southdown are a rare British breed of domestic sheep which are amongst the oldest of the 'down' breeds.

They produce a high quality smooth and tender rich flavoursome meat! 

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Image by Pascal Debrunner


British Lops, British Saddlebacks & Gloucester Old spots

British lops -  Well known for the large ears that nearly cover their faces (giving them their name), the British Lop is a docile, hardy pig that thrives off the outdoor rearing system! 

It's strong heritage, traceability and excellent ratio of muscle to fat are all major factors in guaranteeing a premium tasty, creamy textured pork.

British Saddlebacks- The British Saddleback is a modern British breed of pig that was created in 1967 as a result of merging the surviving population of two traditional saddleback breeds - the Essex and the Wessex. 

Predominantly recognised by their black and white colour, this pig produces succulent bacon and sausages. 

Gloucester Old Spot-  The oldest pedigree spotted pig in the world! Dating back to 1885 and originating from the Berkeley Vale in Gloucestershire where they were kept in the cider and pear orchards of that area, windfall fruit and waste supplemented their outdoor grazing diet.

 Usually the meat you'll find on a menu in a restaurant, there is no doubt as to why it is the chef's choice due to it's succulent and tender meat. 


Aberdeen Angus

The Aberdeen Angus cow originates from Scotland. In order to survive the cold Scottish winters, the Angus had to be bred to be robust and sturdy, and so over time gained more muscular bodies. 

Angus meat is well known for the high level of marbling. Marbling helps to keeps the meat moist for longer when cooking, resulting in tender, juicy and flavoursome beef! 

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