Image by Johnstons of Elgin


We strongly believe in sustainability and helping the environment as best we can, and so our boxes will be delivered to you in fully recyclable boxes, lined with a sheep wool insulation to enable your food to stay fresher for longer. 

There are so many great ways you can reuse your wool insulation pouch. Below are a few examples of how our customers have done so; 

Pet's bedding 

Composting - the wool is 100% compostable! 

Padding for plants

Lay to stop weed growth

Birdhouse bedding

Many uses in the greenhouse

Needle felting

Liners for storage boxes 

Our cardboard boxes that your meat is delivered in are also 100% reusable and recyclable. 

Unfortunately, our meat film packaging is not currently recyclable. However, we are in the process of finding an alternative that will be 100% recyclable without hindering the taste or shelf life of your meat. 

Image by Sam Carter